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Musician. Photographer. Software Designer.

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Photography has always been a part of me. I love capturing moments and working with people who are passionate about what they do. I am available for onsite and studio projects.



I've been building commercial software and web applications for more than 25 years. I specialize in mobile and web technologies with a strong focus on end user experience.



Music is a universal language. It has the unique ability to move us. As we embrace it, we get emotional currency that connects us to something greater than ourselves.


Smooth flavor. No calories.

There are moments in the creative process where something unseen flows through you like a rushing stream. You learn to embrace these moments.

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This is your day. A beautiful new canvas of possibility. 

What will you create?

May you choose joy in every moment as you discover new ways to paint your masterpiece. May you find happiness with each color you choose and take the moment to experience each layer you add.

May you find your voice with each stroke of the brush. May you gain strength as you contribute the movement and energy to your creation.

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It's Monday and my vibe matching algorithm says...
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Ash 8 days ago

Chip shortages and market gouging forced me back to the drawing board (literately) - So after a month of prototyping and lots of swearing... here's the new version of my POS Print Appliance. Not a super fun project but it works well. (I love the black PCB :-)

Since we can't get the previous hardware (and I'm running low on inventory) I had to get creative and cobble together several easy to find through-hole components around an ESP32 and write a firmware in C++ instead of Perl on Linux. Ouch.

Our spec calls for a TLS secured webserver, USB host control, OLED display and ESC/POS print drivers. Not to mention the Wifi stack. All on bare metal with a tiny amount of flash and ram. My head hurts. 

Here's some shots of the process (it's not pretty) but the production units will be! Yay!! 🤞😬👊

Ash 14 days ago

Today's workout... 

Ash 15 days ago

Be fiercely patient. 

Ash 20 days ago

"Flow Control" the video. I'm sure you'll agree, the silhouette dancing in the pink matrix train tunnel just makes it extra classy. 😘😂
Ash 28 days ago

He makes working, multi-layer silicon chips in his garage. Sam's understanding of this stuff is mind blowing. I'm just waiting for him to break out the DeLorean.
Ash 1 month ago

Learn to rely on just enough.

Ash 1 month ago

"Flow Control" was pushed to DistroKid today and should start showing up on the streaming services this week! Hooray :-) 

Ash 2 months ago

Louis Cole. This guy operates at a way different frequency. I mean... the Clowncore videos. Come on. There should be a national holiday for this kind of absurd genius.