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Musician. Photographer. Software Designer.

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Photography has always been a part of me. I love capturing moments and working with people who are passionate about what they do. I am available for onsite and studio projects.



I've been building commercial software and web applications for more than 25 years. I specialize in mobile and web technologies with a strong focus on end user experience.



Music is a universal language. It has the unique ability to move us. As we embrace it, we get emotional currency that connects us to something greater than ourselves.


Smooth flavor. No calories.

There are moments in the creative process where something unseen flows through you like a rushing stream. You learn to embrace these moments.

Latest Articles

1 Min Read

This is your day. A beautiful new canvas of possibility. 

What will you create?

May you choose joy in every moment as you discover new ways to paint your masterpiece. May you find happiness with each color you choose and take the moment to experience each layer you add.

May you find your voice with each stroke of the brush. May you gain strength as you contribute the movement and energy to your creation.

3 Min Read

There is something I have to get off my chest Google

I am a small business owner and entrepreneur that has spent a good part of my life writing a health club management application called FirmPOS.

Our website has been on the Internet since 1998.

3 Min Read

As an introvert, this is something I have struggled with my entire life. Sitting on the sidelines evaluating the odds of failure, rejection or even someone hurting you. All the while, everyone else has "jumped in".

After a harsh break up with someone I loved dearly, I made a good many adjustments in my life. There were several things I had to do for me and lots of questions that needed answers.

4 Min Read

If I were asked to leave a few final words that might be found by another seeker, I would say the number one thing I have learned in this life is to be generous.

Do it big. Do it to the best of your ability. Do it quietly.

Be generous.

Be generous with your time, talents, abilities, resources, energy, forgiveness, mercy, patience and money. Don't wait to be asked for help. Focus on becoming sensitive to the needs around you and then give what you are able. Do it quietly and as anonymously as humanly possible.

Journey Notes

Ash 1 month ago

OMG. Some people can groove inside the groove. There is no spoon.
Ash 3 months ago

The Walt's Meats "Dick" Smokehouse Edition. Hell yes.

Ash 6 months ago

Action shot... lol

Ash 10 months ago

Wasn't hard but fun to pick.

Ash 10 months ago

Learn to spot the differences between patience and struggle. 

Ash 11 months ago

Today was the day. 👊🤘 

Ash 11 months ago

The key bitting was so meh... the security pins couldn't save it. 

Ash 11 months ago

Worth is defined and is in equal proportion to the value discovered by the observer.

Ash 11 months ago

A fun Friday energy exchange with the TD50X and a favorite Strat. I call it "Wasted guy stumbles to bathroom".

I don't think the guy ever made it. I think he passed out on the bar, dreamed about the crazy hallway and just pissed himself. lol
Ash 1 year and 1 month ago

Today's request: Please balance my ego and spirit. Allow my ego to understand it's place and significance throughout our journey.

Let patience be my reaction choice, to quiet my ego and create the space needed for my spirit to lead. In all things, let my spirit lead today.

Thank you for the gratitude that allows this wonderful connection to You, my beautiful Source.