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Musician. Photographer. Software Designer.

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Photography has always been a part of me. I love capturing moments and working with people who are passionate about what they do. I am available for onsite and studio projects.



I've been building commercial software and web applications for more than 25 years. I specialize in mobile and web technologies with a strong focus on end user experience.



Music is a universal language. It has the unique ability to move us. As we embrace it, we get emotional currency that connects us to something greater than ourselves.


Smooth flavor. No calories.

There are moments in the creative process where something unseen flows through you like a rushing stream. You learn to embrace these moments.

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This is your day. A beautiful new canvas of possibility. 

What will you create?

May you choose joy in every moment as you discover new ways to paint your masterpiece. May you find happiness with each color you choose and take the moment to experience each layer you add.

May you find your voice with each stroke of the brush. May you gain strength as you contribute the movement and energy to your creation.

Status Updates

Ash 11 days ago

Oh hell yes. Dave Koz and Elise Trouw OMG. That outro...  

Future me edit: this song has been on loop for days now. I can't stop. I hope I don't break Spotify. lol
Ash 17 days ago

Wow. Talk about patience. The work and skill that went into creating this one pair of shoes is inspiring. Handmade takes on a whole new meaning.

They better be three thousand dollars. 🤘 #SiroenoYosui
Ash 17 days ago

If there's no way to help yourself, find a way to help someone else.

Ash 23 days ago

What do doggies dream about on a rainy day?

Here's a stalled song idea that has hit the trash a couple times now. Maybe it just needs a cute doggie dreaming about a ballerina in a tutu and a cool cityscape... let's try that :-)
Ash 25 days ago

This moment can contain worry or gratitude or neither but never both. 

Ash 26 days ago

OMG. Just look at that wall of Les Pauls. Beautiful. :-)
Ash 2 months ago

Don't hate the character... celebrate the author.

Great stories are always colored with conflict. And if someone is a self-righteous twat to you, celebrate how much work had to go into making a character that is so great at being an asshole. 

Stop depleting your energy with emotional reactions and celebrate your story. I mean how ridiculous would it be to get all pissed off at the villain from your favorite movie? 

Ash 2 months ago

Tear Along the Dotted Line is another fine example of some purely absurd genius. It's jaw dropping at times. Netflix has gold with this short animated series.

You have to watch on Netflix as it's an English remix that was originally in Italian. I love how they leave a lot of the original references and creatively use subtitles to drive points... even as the narrator is speaking English.

The storytelling is brilliant. They give you just enough to keep you two steps behind the entire way and then bam... it's right in front of you.

Ash 2 months ago

I looked deeply into my Author's eyes and in that moment I realized, I had nothing to ask.

Ash 2 months ago

Wow... I am loving this crazy new setup. I threw the snare, opened the hats way up, put the ride on the left, one rack tom and the floor. I'm getting some great 808ish sounds from the kick and the wash from the ride to the open hats makes for some interesting grooves. 

This Mapex has a very musical tone and the tunings pitch bend easily across the three drums. I got to discover some really cool note bending last night! Super fun. Coming from the Roland TD50, these are acoustic perks I miss.