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Welcome to my site. I am a creative soul. These are my creations.



Photography has always been a part of me. I love capturing moments and working with people who are passionate about what they do. I am available for onsite and studio projects.



I've been building commercial software and web applications for more than 25 years. I specialize in mobile and web technologies with a strong focus on end user experience.



Music is a universal language. It has the unique ability to move us. As we embrace it, we get emotional currency that connects our soul to something greater than ourselves.


No Filters. No Calories. My Blog.

There are moments in the creative process where something unseen flows through you like a rushing stream. You learn to embrace these moments.

Latest Articles

3 Min Read

2020 is finally behind us and I can't think of one kind thing to say about it. So much has happened. I remember sitting in this chair one year ago, optimistic and hopeful. What a year it's been.

I sit here exhausted. Barely holding on. Stripped of the poetic flow that once spoke of such hopeful possibilities. Watching everything I've spent a lifetime building, crushed under a fast moving machine of corruption and dishonor. Government has turned a blind eye as tech monopolies flaunt antitrust trophies with the type of arrogance that comes with feeling completely untouchable. 

4 Min Read

There is something I have to get off my chest Google. I am a lifetime small business owner and entrepreneur. I have a little club management application called FirmPOS that has been on the Internet since 1998. I have been diligent to keep the website full of original, relevant content. I have tried to stay up on SEO best practices. I have always used white-hat methods in hopes of keeping my site visible to people searching the Internet for Club Management Software.

3 Min Read

I am so grateful for this moment.

My pain level in my lower back has been at a constant 6 with my up/down pain in the 8-9 range for weeks. Every step is a struggle. Getting seated or getting up comes with an insane amount of pain. There's a point when your mind just adjusts to the new normal and you go on.

I awoke today with a new level of pain coming from just about every joint in my tired body. And my lower back was screaming.

2 Min Read

It is a crisp morning here in Phoenix as I take a moment to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and reflect a little. Not on the past but on the present. Right now. The here. The now.

Big breath in... big exhale. Ahhh. I notice the sun is gently warming the mountains as it rises. This is a brand new day. A brand new year. A big, beautiful new canvas that is untouched by anyone and ready for a new masterpiece. There are no wrong answers. No wrong colors. This canvas has no expectations or requirements. There are no judgements.

4 Min Read

If I were asked to leave a few final words that might be found by another seeker, I would say the number one thing I have learned in this life is to be generous.

Do it big. Do it to the best of your ability. Do it quietly.

Be generous.

Be generous with your time, talents, abilities, resources, energy, forgiveness, mercy, patience and money. Don't wait to be asked for help. Focus on becoming sensitive to the needs around you and then give what you are able. Do it quietly and as anonymously as humanly possible.

6 Min Read

Sometimes going back isn't an option. It just depends on what happened and the condition of the relationship. Is the bridge still intact?

You: What the hell are you rambling about Ash?

Me: I have a few things on my mind today. And in the words of the great wedding singer... I have a microphone and you don't. You know the rest... lol

I remember growing up, I knew a family where the father would preemptively become abusive while placing an order at the local McFast Food place. It was the very same spot that consistently served him cold, disgusting alternatives to the hot, fresh food they promised on the commercials.

2 Min Read

I'm on the go and need to get something with about 50gr of protein. I don't have a ton of time, so I decide a quick protein shake will get me through until my pre-workout meal.

I stop into a popular place in Scottsdale that serves up such beverages and order the leanest shake I can possibly get in this place while still ordering off the menu. I just removed the fruit and added one extra scoop of protein. The guy at the register looks at me and with a straight face says... that's $19.

4 Min Read

"I'm not trying to be an asshole here but..."

Here's a phrase that is invariably followed by someone being a huge asshole. At least you know there is a 100% chance of asshole like actions to follow.

In promise form, the spoken word has completely lost it's meaning for me. It is now simply a placeholder for possible action.

2 Min Read

Jesus is changing his name. I know this because a friend's sister's cousin knows his mom and she said he can't even enjoy a smoothie at Nékter without people piling up to ask him for shit.

Come on. He's sick of everyone asking for everything. Lottery numbers, the good parking spot in the Walmart lot, discounts on chainsaws, a 'Greenie' with no apple, extra ginger.... and his absolute favorite; get me through this and I'll never do THAT again. lol

2 Min Read

Cleaning the house today and found a couple interesting photos of my late 20's. Some people wish they could go back... I NEVER wanna go back there.

At 27 years old, I was on my way out of this life. Almost 300 pounds, I worked 100 hour work weeks, ate terribly and never exercised. My eating was out of control and the 10 or more sodas per day weren't doing me any favors either.

Status Updates

Ash 9 days ago

I only like the pink ones.... 🤷‍♂️

Ash 10 days ago

Goodbye google. You are the definition of evil. Enough said.

Ash 10 days ago

Seems like it's just you google. At the moment, Duck-Duck and Bing have FirmPOS Software listed in a fair lineup with many other Club Management companies. Goodbye google.

Ash 16 days ago

Elise Trouw sticks! They play great, feel balanced and of course... the perfect color :-) #eliseTrouw #iLoveThese #pinkIsForDudes

Ash 18 days ago

I'm upgrading my music experience.

Ash 26 days ago

Well congratulations Google. You finally did it.

I've pleaded with you to return my little business back to a fair place in your search listings and what did you do? You buried me even further. I don't think we even exist now. I literately started crying around page 19.

Now... NO ONE can find my little software company because you couldn't just have billions and billions and fucking billions.


You had to kill ANY possibility of ANYONE ON PLANET EARTH finding my CLUB MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE website (on the web since 1998) when doing a reasonable search for club management software.

SEO is a fucking joke. A lie. Not a thing. Replaced with favors to your inner circle and pay-per-click for the rest of us. And it seems that WE better have a big fucking wallet full of cash to play. 

FirmPOS Software doesn't even show up in the FIRST TWENTY PAGES when searching for club management software. OMG. That is exactly what we have been doing for over TWO DECADES. Serving clubs.

We are doing everything we can possibly do just to survive in the wake of this pandemic and money can't get any tighter. I am barely holding on. Our sales have essentially stopped forever. Why?

Because everyone on planet Earth uses Google to find club management software.

Shame on you

You were supposed to be the gateway to the Internet. Do the right thing... right? We are an Internet based business that exists on the fucking Internet. We trusted you.

As an American with Autism, this little business is all I think of. I have poured myself into every line of code, every word on my website and I have tried to run an honorable business. It gives me purpose. It's all I do. It's my life.


Can you say antitrust? Anyone?

Crickets. Oh that's right... NO ONE is reading this because they would have found my website using what?

Ah... google.

You trampled the thing I cherished most. Technology used to make me happy, bring me joy and give me purpose. 

Do the right thing Google and do it quickly. Time has just about run out.

Ash 1 month ago

Holy shit... that voice.
Ash 1 month ago

Elise Trouw is amazing. Such an old soul.
Ash 1 month ago

Good morning to me. Yay!

Ash 1 month ago

Amazon sent me this picture... taken by the dumbfuck that delivered the package. How did we do? OMG.