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Musician. Photographer. Software Designer.

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We go where the story take us...



Photography has always been a part of me. I love capturing moments and working with people who are passionate about what they do. I am available for onsite and studio projects.



I've been building commercial software and web applications for more than 25 years. I specialize in mobile and web technologies with a strong focus on end user experience.



Music is a universal language. It has the unique ability to move us. As we embrace it, we get emotional currency that connects us to something greater than ourselves.


Smooth flavor. No calories.

There are moments in the creative process where something unseen flows through you like a rushing stream. You learn to embrace these moments.

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This is your day. A beautiful new canvas of possibility. 

What will you create?

May you choose joy in every moment as you discover new ways to paint your masterpiece. May you find happiness with each color you choose and take the moment to experience each layer you add.

May you find your voice with each stroke of the brush. May you gain strength as you contribute the movement and energy to your creation.

Status Updates

Ash 20 hours ago

My newest song "Boxes" was released tonight! Yay!! 🎉😘
Ash 4 days ago

We go where the story takes us. 

Ash 4 days ago

I feel so insignificant sometimes.

Ash 5 days ago

Dream big. Embrace every thought that excites you. Experience the joy you feel as you replay it over and over again. 

Ash 5 days ago

Branch Engineering is a Youtube channel that is creating some amazing content in regards to how modern technology and devices work. The animation is almost lifelike and even if you have no understanding of engineering, the sheer brilliance of the presentation is worth the price of admission. (uh free... lol) 🤓🥚
Ash 5 days ago

These are the moments when I love reading back through the posts here. Seeing how far we've come. Revisiting hidden answers that were found in plain view.  

Ash 5 days ago

I feel surrounded by failure. I'm rowing so hard and getting nowhere. So I give up. I yield. I go where the story takes me.

Ash 7 days ago

I have never fit in anywhere. Never felt truly welcome or home. Not once in my life. Even in crowds, I feel both invisible and obtrusively obvious. Weird huh?

Ash 7 days ago

Tim Pierce breaks down some of Mateus Asato's magic. Even if you aren't a musician, you can easily fall in love with Tim's approach to this stuff. Being a master session player, his humility and energy is addicting.  #happyPlace
Ash 14 days ago

This girl is finding her voice. Literally. She does this in one take, live at Sweetwater. OMG. #eliseTrouw