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Yes. I'm Blocking Your Ads

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It's rant time again. This time.... it's sponsored by every fucking website that forces modal style messages over the free content I came to read.

So, fuck you Business Insider. The ad blocker is there to protect me from malicious advertisements fueled by greedy corporations like you that don't care if your ad network is above board or not.

Not only that, but who wants to see your advertisements anyway? I came to read the free content you provided for anyone to view. If you really want money for it, then force a subscription and see how far that takes you.

I hate where the "free" Internet has ended up.

We haven't used this technology to better our lives as a society. Instead, the Internet has been "blast saturated" with shit for so long, it's difficult to actually find the content you really wanted. Powerful corporations with corporate code of conduct slogans like "Don't be evil" and "Do the right thing" have just about destroyed the little guy in a wake of huge advertising profits paid by VC funded outfits that make "Search Engine Optimization" something of a joke.

Why even try? When corporate giants like "Business Insider" can pay to have their click-bait content moved right to the top of the search and then have the balls to demand that I turn off my ad blocker.

Sounds like the definition of evil.