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Truth, Honesty & Blurting

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Let's just say it. People deserve your honesty... right?

Uh no.

Not everyone from the general public deserves to hear the truth to the question they just asked. Firstly, it may be none of their fucking business to impose such a query.

Before we go on here. Let me quickly preamble this rant with one statement. I'm all for being honest and open with the people who have earned that place in my life. To them, I'm an open book. I would expect the same in return.

Ok... back to the rant.

This generation loves the term "transparency". It's a perfect word for lazy, entitled people who aren't willing to put the work in to get to the good stuff. There's absolutely nothing interesting on the surface. You always have to work hard and put the time in to discover it.

Now hang on there... before you email me that suitably cutting retort; I didn't say if you use the word "transparency" you are lazy and entitled. There's a difference. Ok.. glad we got that cleared up. lol

You know I'd love to blame this on the Millennials. But there's always been those people willing to blurt out inappropriate queries requiring uncomfortable moments as you craft some seemingly appropriate answer. I mean, we don't want to hurt someone's feelings or be caught in a lie. Right?

"How much money do you make?" "What did your car cost?" "What's your stance on women in the workplace and how about those gays?" - Uh hem. Long fucking pause. Well Bill, I don't feel comfortable answering such a question at the dinner party.

In my mind, I'm scrambling to get the fuck out of this situation. My brain goes straight into panic mode with the one thousand standard "how, why, who, what and where" questions. All at once.

"How the fuck did I get here? Who the fuck is this ignorant, entitled douchebag. Why is he asking me this shit? Is he important to the ongoing success of a loved one? What should I do first? Do I hit this guy? Where is the door again?"

Let me tell you, as an introvert, the energy it takes to do small talk with people like this is enormous. It would have been less energy to just punch him in the face and then toss his limp, overweight body out the window. lol

These people expect some answer returned to whatever question they chose to ask and it better be the truth.

I'm walking into a store last week when a guy stops in front me and blurts loudly "Wow bro, you are looking good! Is it all natural?" I just laughed a little and walked around him. Because first, that was weird. Second... fuck that guy. I'm not having this conversation in front of a Dick's Sporting Goods with some guy. The answer to how I got in the best shape of my life is personal. The struggles were real, the sacrifices were many and ongoing consistency is required daily to continue this journey.

Hey dude, learn to stop blurting every entitled thought that occurs to you.

It's been said that the truth will somehow set you free. Although not exactly the phrase the original author penned, I get the sentiment. It's usually blurted the from same person that thinks that lying is the opposite of telling the truth.

I will go on record right now.

Honesty is not always the best policy. Speaking the truth will not always set you free. Knowing the truth will not always set you free. Every situation is different and what each of us perceive as the "truth" isn't necessarily another person's perception anyway. But that's an entirely different blog post for sure.

There are no absolutes when it comes to such complex topics. And while I'm at it... everything doesn't always happen for a reason. Even if you have the memes to prove it. lol

The truth sometimes hurts. The truth can be sharp. Blurting the truth will occasionally get you in trouble. My mind immediately goes to the restaurant business. Some of the big chains actually train the inexperienced servers to ask leading questions to coax the desired answer from the sheep. I mean... customers.

No training to handle real conflict.

"How's the pasta? Good?" the server asks as she breezes by.

Well, actually... it's pretty terrible this evening.

Whoa there. I just blew her mind. She's standing stiff now with that classic "deer in the headlights" look on her confused face. The whole vibe just went to shit. Thanks for that Ash.

It wasn't that big of a deal. She caught me by surprise and before I could get back into "good restaurant customer" mode, I just blurted that.

She just wasn't prepared for that to be the answer. She was expecting a dumb nod, a smile and the words... "very good thank you".

Whoops. Let me try that again. Smiling and nodding in the acceptable manner, I reply "it's very good tonight, thank you".