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Open Letter To Google

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There is something I have to get off my chest Google

I am a small business owner and entrepreneur that has spent a good part of my life writing a health club management application called FirmPOS.

Our website has been on the Internet since 1998.

I have been diligent to keep the website full of original, relevant content. I have tried to stay up on SEO best practices. I have always used white-hat methods in hopes of keeping my site visible to people searching the Internet for Club Management Software.

It was a lot of work. 

As an American with Autism, I have poured my heart into this work for over 25 years. Working non-stop, week after week, month after month, year after year. I love my customers. I love to code... it's all I do.

My customers depend on FirmPOS, so I invest just about everything I make back into my little enterprise. This business is all I think about.

And you are killing it.

No one can find me because you have positioned all the 'pay to play' companies like "Wild Apricot", "Capterra", "Top 10" lists and of course, every single venture capital player at the top of the search.

Many of which don't even offer solutions for gym or health club management. Most are peddling gray-hat, pay-to-play "Best software" lists that point to their venture capital funded partners. It's getting worse every single day. 

Our "Google Search Console" overview shows the site is indexed regularly and we even have a good usability experience score. As of today, we don't even show up at all.

For searches for Gym Management Software FirmPOS never shows up. 

For searches for Club Management Software FirmPOS never shows up.

Even a search for software to manage my gym...

FirmPOS never shows up. We have been faithfully serving this industry for over 25 years Google. 

You are the Gateway to the Internet. "Just Google it" is what every person on the planet thinks when searching for what they need.

Growing a business is hard enough when the playing field is fair. As a small business, we depend on fair search engine placement to survive.

You have effectively made it impossible for my digital business to be found on planet Earth.

FirmPOS Software has been on the internet, offering relevant content for just over 25 years. We have worked hard to build a mature, stable and innovative platform that is thoughtfully designed. We deserve fair placement that allows people to find us.

Please do the right thing.

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