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My Day In The G5

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Man, just how many opportunities do you get to sit in the cockpit of a G5 with the pilot there to explain anything you want? The G5 was pretty cool but the pilot made the experience.

Here's what happened...

I was on site to do a last minute shoot for a friend when we encountered the most kind, patient and humble guy. He was the pilot and there to assist us in scouting the shoot so we could plan all the shots for the next day. His employer, (a super guy as well) had given us access to shoot on his Private G5 sitting on the tarmac at the Scottsdale airport.

Let me say that again. A private G5. This dude was the pilot.

Of course we didn't want to waste this guy's time. I'm thinking get on and off. Bing, bang, boom. But he was amazing. I got access to everything. And this guy was one of the most knowledgable people I have ever met. He even sat me in the cockpit explaining anything and everything in detail. He made me feel like there were no dumb questions.

This blog has taken a beating over the recent weeks. Here's proof that it's possible to take a break or two from all the ranting. lol

There are still great people left on planet Earth. And while I cannot mention names, I can say these people have great influence. It's refreshing to meet such influence and get to experience such generosity and humility all at once.