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Happy New Year 2020!

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It is a crisp morning here in Phoenix as I take a moment to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and reflect a little. Not on the past but on the present. Right now. The here. The now.

Big breath in... big exhale. Ahhh. I notice the sun is gently warming the mountains as it rises. This is a brand new day. A brand new year. A big, beautiful new canvas that is untouched by anyone and ready for a new masterpiece. There are no wrong answers. No wrong colors. This canvas has no expectations or requirements. There are no judgements.

What will you paint?

This is your year. May you find joy in every moment as you discover new ways to paint your masterpiece. May you find happiness with each color you choose and take the moment to experience each layer you add. May you find your voice in each and every stroke of the brush. May you gain strength as you contribute the movement and energy to your creation. May you experience each day in good health, in mind, body and spirit. May your hard work and perseverance bring you great success as your life inspires others. May you enjoy exciting new measures of prosperity and growth as you share your beautiful creation with the world around you.

You are ready for this. This is your new year.

- Ash

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