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For Fuck's Sake

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Here's a phrase that just doesn't get used enough. It immediately commands attention with mild punctuation. Now, that's powerful.

Stop arguing for fuck's sake.

Notice how I didn't have to add the exclamation point to the sentence? You heard me. Now take a moment to do us both a favor... say it with your best Irish accent. I'll wait for you.

OMG. Try again... that was Scottish you racist. lol

"Stop hitting your brother for fuck's sake." I can still hear my ole' Irish pappy yelling at us kids on our way to church. And you listened because he could hit you with that belt. All the way from that first seatbeltless front row bench seat in the rust green Buick wagon.

BAM! Just look at the size of that face welt. It's becoming legendary and your brother can't stop laughing at you. Then you hear another old favorite... "don't make me pull this car over!" You knew he would too. You give your brother that look. Like shut the fuck up before he kills us both. lol

But we can't stop arguing and fighting can we? This planet is like a station wagon full of little boys, on the verge of a mid afternoon, highway underpass smackdown. Hosted by Buick, staring big daddy's belt and being watched by every single car whizzing by. I swear the Sunday sermon was about how to better whip your kid's ass on the side of the road.

We weren't built for bliss... we were built for conflict. More on that soon... stay tuned for fuck's sake :-)