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Final Words

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If I were asked to leave a few final words that might be found by another seeker, I would say the number one thing I have learned in this life is to be generous.

Do it big. Do it to the best of your ability. Do it quietly.

Be generous.

Be generous with your time, talents, abilities, resources, energy, forgiveness, mercy, patience and money. Don't wait to be asked for help. Focus on becoming sensitive to the needs around you and then give what you are able. Do it quietly and as anonymously as humanly possible.

Read that again. It is a key to knowing who will be best served by your kindness.

You will learn some lessons along the way. There will be people that will try to take advantage but for every one of those, there will be others that will feel a heavy weight lifted from their chest because of you.

If you do it right, you won't ever be thanked for your kindness. You will have seen that look of relief from a distance as you move on. Always keep moving.

If you are thanked, be ready to say something like "of course" or "glad to do it" and always stay away from "You're welcome". Then get moving.

The quieter you are, the more you move, the less attention you bring to yourself. As you become more sensitive to people's needs, it will allow you to choose to help without wondering if someone is being disingenuous.

Realize that you may not receive the same kindness when you are in need. There may be no one there for you in your hardest moments.

Those are the times you should become hyper focused on helping another person.

Choose to change your focus from how bad you are feeling. Focus on being grateful for something, even if it's small. Your mind and ego will fight you on this. You will not feel like being grateful.

Find a quiet place and start saying what you are grateful for. Focus on gratitude until you have about 8 to 10 items you are talking about.

You will feel a state change. It will allow you to put a smile on your face as you focus on helping another. Say nothing of your situation. You are there to show kindness to another person.

Then be generous. Do as much as you feel is necessary and then give a little more.

READ THIS: I am NOT saying to stop for strangers on the side of the road or approach mentally ill homeless people with clothing or food. Do not put yourself in harms way. There are better ways to help those people quietly and safely if you choose to. Let common sense be your guide :-)

A good rule of thumb for the beginner... if you can do it quietly, safely, and from a distance; it's probably worth considering.

The reward is addictive and I'd love to tell you that part of the story... but you will have to find that out for yourself.

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