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Father's Day

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I'm just reading through the email this morning when an alert reminder pops up from the stupid Apple calendar app announcing "Father's Day is tomorrow".

My first thought is "how do I turn this reminder off"?

Then, the part of my brain that handles my paternal type repressions steps up to the microphone and starts up. The rest of me is saying... 'shut that fucking guy up over there'.

We don't let him talk very often.

I'm sure there is someone out there with a great dad. And you should take every day to celebrate that friendship. It is a rare one.

Words that describe the 'father type figures' throughout my life: coward, self-serving, selfish, cheater, depraved, pathetic, extreme, deviant, arrogant, violent, thoughtless, foolish, self-seeking, critical, hurtful, obsessed, hateful, pathological, egomaniacal, spiteful and childish.

But there's no "Father's Day" card expressing those sentiments.

There should be.

And here's a fun fact, the men that really mattered throughout my life all had names that started with the letter "G". George, Gary, Gene... wow, that's the first time I ever realized that.

And yes those are the real names. I usually omit that stuff to protect the privacy of the honorable and innocent. There's no need for that here.

I realize this is a day created by the corporate machine to sell more shit around mid June each year. It's "blast marketed" to every channel of consumable infotainment that surrounds us. We're saturated with it.

"Father's Day" just needs to be an event of acknowledgment and recognition by the family you men were charged to serve so selflessly.

For the man that stepped up and provided that true shelter of fatherhood for his flock, it should be a day of great honor.

For the others, it should be a long day of great public dishonor and shame.

So here's to you, the 'other fathers'. You failed us.

You took the easy path. You failed to lead. You failed to protect. You chased your own desires. You failed to teach. You failed to mentor. You failed to nurture. You were absent. You became fat on your own self indulgences. You failed your family.

To you men, I say Happy Fuck You Father's Day. You earned it.

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