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2021 is here. Now what?

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2020 is finally behind us and I can't think of one kind thing to say about it. So much has happened. I remember sitting in this chair one year ago, optimistic and hopeful. What a year it's been.

I sit here exhausted. Barely holding on. Stripped of the poetic flow that once spoke of such hopeful possibilities. Watching everything I've spent a lifetime building, crushed under a fast moving machine of corruption and dishonor. Government has turned a blind eye as tech monopolies flaunt antitrust trophies with the type of arrogance that comes with feeling completely untouchable. 

That's because they are.

They have infiltrated the "free web", slowly creating powerful mobile platforms, software, social networks, operating systems and development frameworks the entire world has embraced in good faith. All along, quietly digging in deeper, spreading, connecting and creating the host we have grown to trust and depend on.

Government, mass media, law enforcement, religious leaders... all appointed to keep the balance of light in a world built by darkness and conflict. Corruption has always accompanied power but as long as the balance of honor and justice exists, consequence provides the illusion of order.

Our scales of justice no longer provide a balanced, equal, unbiased administration of the law. Instead, a broken counter-balance allows the greedy to take even the last seconds of sand pouring through the hourglass. Goodness has been trampled by lifestyles of decadence and it's caregivers have been bought by indulgence. 

Human decency has been conveniently replaced with entitlement, moral opinion, ethical perspective and political polarity. All of which are fueled by conflict. Never have we been so divided.

As I take this moment to reflect, I feel utterly lost. I look around and see no light. I see no goodness. I see no justice. I see no place for me in this world. 

Humanity needs a hero. 

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