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Nineteen Dollars

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I'm on the go and need to get something with about 50gr of protein. I don't have a ton of time, so I decide a quick protein shake will get me through until my pre-workout meal.

I stop into a popular place in Scottsdale that serves up such beverages and order the leanest shake I can possibly get in this place while still ordering off the menu. I just removed the fruit and added one extra scoop of protein. The guy at the register looks at me and with a straight face says... that's $19.

I pause and take a quick mental inventory of what I just ordered here. Really? Nineteen dollars?

Dude, I'm not renting a car here. It's water, ice, PB Fit, two scoops of whey and some Stevia. Served in a plastic cup with a straw.

Then I notice the line right below it in bold.


Are you fucking kidding me? You want a tip too?

So I tipped him $19 just to give him a story to share on his blog. lol

I really do need to start reading the menu at these places. Yikes.

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